March 2011 – Return home / How to help?

Back from our beautiful walk, on the roof of a crowded local bus, Nathalie and I talk about our desire to help. Our status as privileged Europeans is debatable, but on a purely material level, it’s undeniable. As long as the equipment is essential, there is still a minimum requirement), this feeling of immense gap, but also false values, are put to the test.
Can we simply stay like this, even as consumers, even a little awake, without giving back, without sharing?

April 2011 – Action! A bit tense, though…

We commit our meagre savings to a bet. That of an ethical collaboration with a small Nepalese clothing workshop, visited during our visit. In the immediate suburbs of Kathmandu, in a small house, we met a small team, working by hand, in a relaxed but studious atmosphere. They make good quality down jackets and we have precise ideas to make them come true. Good listening, and first partnership.
The first parcel arrives in Nice. Anxiety of the discovery of everything: Customs, forwarding charges, conforming goods? And miracle. Yes, it fits. Even if some details can be perfected, the main thing is there. First sales, on the Internet. Here we go…

And now ? Still here, with really nice returns!

The adventure continues, with its setbacks, its joys. We’ve been at the Coupe Icare for 6 years, and the range is growing. Sleeves complete the down jackets. 
Thank you all for your help and support. Friendly encouragements, kind words on our stand in Saint Hilaire or on our website. Windsriders jackets are now part of the paragliding landscape, and it is a joy to see so many pilots praising them. 

And of course, thank you for your participation in our Nepalese support! 1000 Thanks !