Yeti / Long Hair Fleece Jacket


The yeti jacket will make you look like a nice teddy bear!

Available in only one colour, black, this jacket combines the warmth of a long-haired, yeti-style polar fur (in a more discreet way) with incredible comfort, thanks to its front and shoulders lined with a thin layer of synthetic fibres.

A look apart, and a very practical jacket:
– Puffy and soft warmth thanks to long-haired fleece fur
– Warmth retention even in humid environments, thanks to primaloft style reinforcements.

A garment specially adapted for sports use, especially paragliding.

To fly: Ultraskin underwear, jeans (cocoon harness), yeti jacket. On top, a light Thermik jacket, and let’s go for hours of flight, without being cold (thanks for the down sleeves for the hands!).