Nepal, incredible country

Beautiful, varied, very poor though. We wanted to help, in our own way. Read these few lines…

The Children hose from Thanaka, in Duwacot

Our last trip to Nepal was at the beginning of December 2019. A short week, a quick passage to follow the small production, spending time on the spot, in the workshop, very close to Kathmandu. And also to visit these dear children of Duwakot, in the small common house, in the middle of the meadows and the lighter factories.

The situation in Nepal is complicated, politically but also, mainly on the ground, in the streets.
I return happy but upset from this trip. Moments of sharing, in simplicity, but also with an even clearer vision of the daily difficulties of everyone, here, on the spot.

We are incredibly lucky to have been born in our beautiful country, France, Switzerland, Spain. And life, whatever one may say, is infinitely easier here than in Nepal. I come home happy and strengthened in my convictions to help each other, in our own way. Windsriders, it’s very small. It’s a very small field workshop that lives from day to day. But it is in my opinion, a precious help, a drop of water certainly, but how useful. And you help us by contributing in this way, by your purchases on this site. Thank you! Thank you very much.

Duwacot – Children’s home in Nepal

The first orphanage (but the term is abusive, as these children often still have their parents) is located in Duwacot, near Baktapur, in the close suburbs of Kathmandu, amidst rice fields and brickworks. The house accommodates 12 children full time, year-round, and offers them schooling, a good living environment and balance. They are between 7 and 16 years old.

It is a small structure, based on mutual aid. Each time we go to Nepal, we spend some time sharing with the children, happy to see them grow and evolve.


Ethics – Help Nepal

Because we do not want to be just consumers, in this developing country that is Nepal, we wanted to be:

– on the one hand, to establish a simple, frank and efficient collaboration with the Nepalese production workshop (which we visited, which employs no children and where working conditions are satisfactory)

– and on the other hand, we are committed to reinvesting part of our sales in improving the lives of Nepalese children.

It’s a drop in the ocean of things to do, but it’s a start.

Every item purchased on this site helps finance a home for underprivileged children in Nepal.

The medical dispensary.

The medical dispensary is located in Birta Deurali. The Thanaka association financed the construction of the premises and it is now the Nepalese state which organizes medical assistance there.

Thanaka – The association we help, we love.
The French association which created these centres is called Thanaka. It has its headquarters in Dijon.

Its current president, François, is a beautiful person with humanistic values, surrounded by passionate, caring and disinterested people.

Find here Thanaka actions .

This association is a small NGO, recognized as being of public utility. If you want to go further in helping each other, it’s easy and certified useful!

Windsriders (Nathalie and Philippe – we’re just the two of us), through you, within the limits of its small means, participates financially in helping these orphanages.

Windsriders is a very small self-employed company, with a small turnover and minor profits.
The payments depend on our finances and fluctuate according to the inputs and outputs…

They allow us to pay part of the running costs and schooling of the children (Average cost of schooling, in primary school: 200 € / year and per child, 1000 € for one year of higher education).

It is a real satisfaction to see the energy, the good understanding and especially the good functioning of these orphanages. We were pleasantly surprised by the calm, autonomy, kindness, joy and mutual aid of all these children (despite the trials experienced at a younger age). We also appreciated the attention, the listening of Prithivi and Surya, both living full time with the children of Duwacot, assisted by a very gentle “didi*”, also on the spot.

* didi: big sister in Nepalese. Here is a devoted lady who lives there and helps.