Set of warm and thick underwear, top and bottom, separate but sold together. Very comfortable, very soft and stretchy. The ultimate complement to your winter flying outfit.

This is an absolutely bluffing thermal complement of efficiency. This second skin, made up of 2 elements, is worn as very warm underwear.

The upper part can be used as a long-sleeved t-shirt, with the skin, lined with fleece.
The bottom part is worn over your underwear, like long underpants.

Composed of polyester combined with Spandex, its exceptional elasticity, comfort and warmth really offers the feeling of a very effective second skin. For information, Spandex is the equivalent of Lycra (registered trademark of Dupont).

Use the Ultraskins as a thermal supplement, for any sports practice in a cold environment.
The Ultraskin is black in colour, with large and pretty topstitching that makes it a technical and aesthetic garment at the same time.