A lot of colors in the sky !

Paragliders like butterflies, touching the sky at the cloud base, painting it with a lot of colors.

You are so many who want to underline the color of your glider with a flashy colored windsriders down jacket, so hot, so confortable.

If you have nice pics with you flying or using our down jackets, please share it with us ! It is always nice !

While waiting your nice pics, we are glad to help and equip some great french pilots: Meryl Delferriere, Prune Delaris, Jonathan Marin, Damien Lacase, Julien Dusserre, Lois Goutagny, Simon Pelissier, Tanguy RG, Simon Mettetal, Antoine Girard..

Note that our féderation team FFVL are equipped with our down and primaloft jackets, done for them with color and logo from FFVL.

Fly well, fly far, and keep toasty. Take care of you. Have nice flights !

Reversible en partance pour lafinale de la Coupe du Monde PWC 2018 – Avec Jonathan Marin sous son Icepeak Evox. Go on John !

Le Dream Team du Pole espoir de Font Romeu! Merci Meryl, merci les filles ! Trop belles vos doudounes !