Super Muffles Expéditions Everest 8848 / New ! 2020


Protecting your hands from the extrem cold, this  is the mission of those Super Muffles EVEREST 8848 Paragling, Pur Down 700 Cuin, done for winter paragliding use, and extrem flights, very high.

Those Super Muffles Expedition Paragliding EVEREST 8848 – Done for flying over the highest mountain ranges of the world, over 8000 meters hight !

The warmest, toasty muffles ever made by Windsriders, to protect your hands from the cold (- 30 °C) for only 270 g (one size).

From our first generation of muffles K2 (still available), appreciated by more than 600 pilots, we’ve done this Super version, warmer, bigger, and easier to use at the take-off, with a garantee of warm, even at the top of the Everest !
To whom is it addressed ? To pilots who are flying a lot of hours, in the cold, in winter, and who want the Must of Comfort, without any compromise, without troubles of charges (batteries), with simplicity of use.

Available on backorder

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Attention ! Merci de noter que nous sommes en rupture sur les manchons Everest et K2.
Le réassort est attendu Fin décembre, sans délai vraiment garanti. Mais vous pouvez toujours
commander via cette page, et attendre...
Vous trouverez peut-être encore quelques manchons chez Air et Aventure, ou encore Soaring, ou Les Grands Espaces, Passagers du vent, ou la boutique de XC-Mag.
Un peu de patience... Merci pour votre compréhension. Philippe