Washing his down jacket… We are often afraid of losing the beautiful puffiness of our jackets by washing them without precaution. That’s why it’s good to have a reversible jacket that you can wash half as often (gag). Yes, it’s true that you shouldn’t wash it TOO often. But washing it from time to time is possible, without risk. Don’t wait until it is really too dirty, and follow our advice.

To clean only one part (collar, sleeves, stains)

Rub gently by hand

You only want to clean a part of the down jacket: neck and cuffs or even just a stain on the fabric? Put the part to be cleaned flat on a towel or a rigid support. Use a damp, slightly soapy washcloth (like Marseille soap or mild liquid detergent). Gently rub the affected area: the aim is not to wet the down inside the comforter. Let it rest for 15 minutes and rinse gently.

Allow to dry naturally. Outdoors, flat.

To wash all the down jacket…

To the washing machine !

in the washing machine, without complex, but softly. Choose a soft program, “synthetic” style, low temperature. Spin at minimum. The down jacket will be alone in the machine, with 2 tennis balls, just to stir the down during washing and spinning. Use your usual detergent (preferably soft), without softener. Tumble dry! Without complex! but gently, once again… Gentle programme, slow rotation. The comforter will be alone in the machine, again with 2 tennis balls. Repeat the operation 2, 3 cycles, and you will see your comforter regain its puffiness! When the dryer comes out, lay your down jacket flat and, with a soft stick, tap your jacket, in the height to make the down migrate and distribute the dry down. No balls of down should remain along the seams. If this is the case, go back to the drying area! Without a tumble dryer? If you don’t have a tumble dryer, you can of course dry your down jacket on a clotheshorse. This may take several days depending on the thickness of your jacket. Make sure your jacket is outdoors on both sides. Turn and pat your down jacket regularly, several times a day, to prevent the feathers from sticking together in small packets. Finally, lay your down jacket flat and, with a soft stick, tap your jacket from the top to allow the down to migrate and spread out when it is finally dry. No balls of down should remain along the seams. If this is the case, go back to drying! Never dry your down jacket on a radiator. So that it regains its puffiness… If you have stored it in its small bag, all compressed, your comforter will take “some time” to regain its puffiness, its volume. To find it back as quickly as possible, shake it a little so that it unfolds, then simply lay it flat, outdoors and in the sun. In absolute terms, in 3 hours, it should have regained its maximum volume …