Muffles / Sleeves HandsHot K2-Zip


Already more than 600 pairs of sleeves sold! And so many satisfied pilots and warm hands! No more frozen hands, no more shortened flights and no more electric glove battery galleys.

Dare the Paragliding sleeve, the Original, the only one in excellent down! Especially not in synthetic Primaloft. What do you think the Everest winners wear? Synthetics or super good down, well inflatable. Until further notice, we haven’t found anything better!

Warning: you will find copies of this article, more flashys, but definitely not hotter. Demand Windsriders / The original!

Discover also the Expedition – Everest 8848 version of our sleeves – New 2020 . Special Great Cold !

The Hands’hot K2 sleeves sold in pairs, made of pure 700 cuin down, offer 2 windproof sides. They have nothing to do with a synthetic sleeve, primaloft style. When it comes to thermal insulation, down remains the reference, with unequalled comfort!

The adapted shape makes it possible to keep all the functions of the usual brake, and rear risers control (which remains in the sleeve in flight).

Watch the assembly video. Fly for hours, in warmth!