Ethics - Help Nepal

Because we do not want to be only consumers, in this developing country that is Nepal, we wanted:

- on the one hand to establish a simple, effective collaboration with the Nepalese production workshop (which we visited, which employs no children and where working conditions are satisfactory)

- and on the other hand we engage in the reinvestment of part of the sales dedicated to improving the lives of Nepalese children.

It's a drop in the ocean of things to do, but it's a beginning.

Each item purchased on this site helps to finance a disadvantaged children's home in Nepal.

We went again this year, during February 2017 in Duwacot, to share some lovely hours with the children and local supervisors. It was pure happiness, a mixture full of emotions, and beautiful moments of sharing. The situation in Nepal is changing and the situation is getting tougher for NGOs.


The Children house, in Duwacot.

The orphanage (but the term is abusive, as these children often still have their parents) is located in Duwacot, very close to Baktapur, in the suburbs of Kathmandu, surrounded by rice fields and brickyards. The house hosts 12 children year round, full-time and offer their schooling, living environment and balance. They are aged between 7 and 16 years.

The second center, located in Gaikhur, a small mountain village in the region of Gorka (between Kathmandu and Pokhara), had to close after the earthquake. It accommodated up to 12 children.

These 2 houses are small structures and are close to their maximum capacity of reception.


The medical center of Birta Deurali

The medical clinic is located in Birta Deurali. The association financed the construction of the premises and it is now the Nepalese state that organizes medical assistance there.


Thanaka - the association we help, we love.

The French association that created these centers is called Thanaka. It has its headquarters in Dijon.
Its current president, François Szlapka is a beautiful person with humanistic values, surrounded by passionate, caring and disinterested people. You will find all the details of the actions of Thanaka here.

This association is a small NGO, recognized as a public utility. If you want to go further in self-help, it's easy and certified useful!


And Windsriders ? What do we do ?

Windsriders (Nathalie and Philippe - we are only both), through you, within the limits of its small means, participates financially in helping the children house.

In 2017 we paid € 2,000 to Thanaka, which they donated directly to the Duwakot children's home. It may not seem like much, but Windsriders is a very small self-employed business with limited turnover and minor profits.
These payments depend on our finances and fluctuate according to the entrances ...

This makes it possible to pay partially the current costs and schooling of the children (Cost of the average schooling, in primary school: 200 € / year and per child, 1000 € for a year of higher education).

It is a real satisfaction to see firsthand the energy, the good understanding and especially the good functioning of these orphanages. We were pleasantly surprised by the calm, the autonomy, the kindness, the joy and the mutual help of all these children (in spite of the trials lived younger). And also appreciated the attention, listening to Prithivi and Surya, all 2 full time living with the children of Duwacot, assisted by a very gentle "didi", on the spot too.

* didi: big sister in nepalese. Here a devoted lady who lives on the spot and who helps.


Thanaka videos

thanks Richard, for this !


Children house of Duwacot


Gaikur... Now closed.

The earthquake of April 25, 2016 ...

In the misfortune that hit Nepal on Saturday, April 25, a beautiful star seems to have protected Thanaka. We were relieved to learn quickly and to be able to inform you today that all the protégés of the association, the children, the supervisors, the students, the suppliers and other relations of Thanaka were not touched physically.

It is mainly material damage that affects the infrastructure of Thanaka (partial collapse of the roof of the Gaikhur orphanage, cracks and collapses of external walls of the Bhaktapur orphanage). On the other hand, the damage is considerable for many families who have seen their house collapse. The families of several children and students taken in by Thanaka lost everything overnight. As for the village of Birta Deurali, where we have been operating for several years, if our dispensary did not suffer any damage, it is a hundred houses that have collapsed.

In the first three days of the disaster, an inventory was drawn up by our local correspondents (Dhana Lama and Prithivi). Children and adults were put under tent security. As early as May 1st, an initial emergency medical aid was sent to the village of Birta Deurali.
Aids of 2000 € for Bhaktapur and 3000 € for Birta Deurali were then unblocked for the purchase of food, blankets, mosquito nets, tents.