Ultraskin underwear

Ultraskin underwear


Set of hot and thick underwear, top and bottom, separated but sold together. Very comfortable, very flexible and stretchable. The ultimate complement, indispensable for your winter flying outfit.

This is a thermal complement absolutely bluffing efficiency. This second skin, made up of 2 elements, is worn as very hot underwear.

The upper part is used as a long sleeve t-shirt, on the skin, fleece.
The bottom part is worn over your underwear, like a long pants.

Composed of polyester combined with Spandex, its exceptional elasticity, comfort and warmth really offer the feeling of a very effective second skin. For information, Spandex is the equivalent of the Lycra (registered trademark by Dupont).

Use the Ultraskins in thermal complement, for all sports in cold conditions.
The Ultraskin are black in color, with big and beautiful stitching that make it a technical and aesthetic at the same time.

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Description détaillée

The underwear warm. Upper and lower body.

Very stretchable, “lycra” style. Very comfortable to wear, and fabulous thermal insulation.
It is the perfect “underlayment” complement for all sports activities in a cold environment.

Additional Information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 20 x 20 x 10 cm


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